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5 Best Free Keyword Research Tools For SEO In 2017

We all know that Keyword Research is the most vital part of the SEO. Keywords stand out to be the important component of SEO and once you get the keywords right, half of the SEO is done. Every SEO professional has their own way to dig out targeted keywords for the website, some follow keyword research tips and some of them take help of keyword research tools.

If you are looking out for the most efficient keyword research tools? Then you are at the right place!

Here is the list of Free tools that will help you with keyword research and find the right keywords that would bring huge traffic from search engines (if SEO is done wisely!).There are many tools that give best keywords, but choosing the one which will work for you is up to you.

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#1 Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner Tool is the Free tool, which is mostly used and popular keyword research tool. Actually, this tool is meant for Google Adwords, but the Keywords Ideas from Planner are something to look out for. Assets of using this tool are, it gives detailed data, many variants and search volume of keywords on Google.

You just need to have a Google Adwords account (which is free) and go to Keyword Planner, Search for keywords and look for “Keyword Ideas”, to get efficient results use keyword filters and different targeting options. Here you can also give web page URL, that would trim down the keywords for you. Basically, Google Keyword Planner is the best tool to opt for, in the initial stages of building SEO of a website.

#2 Google Auto-Complete & Related Searches

What can be more beneficial for keyword research than Google itself. We can use Google Search in a smarter way to extract keywords for your website. Using Google Auto-Complete you can list out keywords that are usually searched by the users. Simply, you need to enter the keyword and note down the Google suggestions.

When you search for a term on Google, at that end of the search results you will find the “Related Searches”, these searches might be suitable keywords. Getting keywords from Related Search is very simple yet effective way to sort out best keywords.


If you are looking for long-tail keywords then you should be using And it also stands out to be an alternative for Google suggestions and finds the keywords that are being typed by the users. It is very simple to use, you just need to type the keyword in the search bar and KeywordTool comes up with many long-tail and related keywords. This is a free tool, but if you are looking for search volume, CTR for keywords then you need to go for a Premium version of it. But, trust us Free version of KeywordTool is just amazing and gives great results.


#4 UberSuggest

This tool also works similar to, it gives keywords by appending words at the end of the query. UberSuggest is simple and easy to use tool, for those who are trying hard to find out set of long-tail keywords.

#5 Answer The Public

Now, this is an interesting tool that generates keywords around the main keyword. For example, if you have entered the main keyword:

Firstly, it will display all the possible questions including the main keyword.

Secondly, it lists out all the keywords adding prepositions such as: with, for, near, to, like, without, to the main keyword.

Lastly, it displays all possible keywords appending words to the main keyword in alphabetical order.

Answer the Public tool gives a huge number of keywords built around the main keyword, you need to analyze all these keywords and list out main targeted keywords for your website. If you are looking out for new blog post ideas, this tool will definitely be a help.


So, these were 5 Free Keyword Research Tools, Do let us know in comment what are the other research tools you are using.

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