A new way to promote social media: ‘A better way to share news’

The social media platform Reddit, which has become an instant destination for tech savvy users, is offering its users a new way of sharing news by using the hashtag.

The company is rolling out a new feature, “A Better Way to Share News,” which allows users to post links to their news stories that include a photo of a celebrity, video or picture of a product or service.

The new feature can be set to a custom color and can be turned on or off from the settings menu.

The feature also allows users who are part of Reddit’s community to share their news and information, without having to post directly to the site.

“We are working hard to improve the experience of our users, and today we’re announcing the next major update to the Reddit feature,” the company wrote in a blog post.

“Introducing ‘A Better Ways to Share’ as a way for users to share and share news, videos, pictures, news articles, news stories, photos and more.

We hope this feature will give you a new perspective on what makes Reddit special.”

Reddit’s latest update includes a new “Featured” section in the site’s homepage, along with the option to set the “Featured News” and “Featured Posts” options, as well as a “Featured Stories” section that shows “the most popular and trending stories on the Internet today.”

Users can also share photos and video of their posts, and link to other subreddits that have similar content.

“It’s important for us to give our users the power to choose the stories they want to share on Reddit,” Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian said in a Reddit post announcing the update.

“In the coming months, we will be working on a number of new ways to make our community more engaged and more personalized.”

The company added that “the news and social media landscape has changed a lot since the inception of Reddit in 2006, and we know that for some of our community, it’s difficult to keep up with the news, let alone get to know each other on Reddit.”

It’s unclear whether the feature will be available on the company’s main platform, Reddit.com, as some users have reported it works on the social network’s mobile app, but Ohanian promised that the feature is coming to other platforms as well.

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