A Palestinian mother, father, and a father of two killed in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City

Posted July 27, 2019 08:07:49A Palestinian mother and father of three were killed by an Israeli airstrike on Gaza’s southern border town of Khan Younis on Tuesday, as a massive Israeli military operation entered its second week.

The death toll was not immediately available but Israeli military spokesman Lt.

Col. Peter Lerner said the strike killed three members of the family in the Jabaliya refugee camp.

Lerner said the family had been living in the camp for five years and had been residing in the area since the beginning of the operation, which began on July 8.

Israel carried out the strike on Jabaliyah at around 2:00 a.m. local time (06:00 GMT) after a rocket fired from Gaza hit an open area, injuring a passerby, he said.

The military said the attack was the first civilian casualty of the two-week operation, and that it had been carried out “under clear and precise instructions” from Israeli commanders.

“The IDF will continue to act with full force against any attack on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Israel and its citizens,” he said in a statement.

In the latest incident, the IDF struck at a Palestinian home in Khan Younes, in the southern Gaza Strip, on Monday, killing two residents of the area.

The IDF also carried out air raids in the northern Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning, killing five Palestinians.

Three others were wounded, the army said in an alert on Twitter.

The rocket attack that struck Khan Younis came as the international community was urging Israel to refrain from any action that could exacerbate tensions in the region, including the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza.

Israel imposed a temporary lockdown on the coastal enclave and imposed restrictions on movement in and out of the territory in response to the rocket fire, which it said was launched from the Gaza Strip.

On Tuesday, the UN Security Council unanimously approved a new resolution condemning Israel’s continued settlement activity and urging Israel not to “violate international law or human rights.”

Israel has been under intense international pressure over the killing of civilians in the Gaza operation, as well as the continuing rocket fire from Gaza, with a wave of international calls to end the campaign.

The UN Security council has been calling for an end to the operation since the start of July, calling it an “inhuman” operation that has caused “massive human suffering.”

The latest round of fighting, which is the third in three weeks, has left at least 200 Palestinians dead and more than 800 wounded, according to the United Nations.

More than 10,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged, according the UN.

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