ABC News: How do you make a killer killer app?

Facebook’s social media app has long been touted as a killer app for recruiting, but some experts are warning that it is a lot more than that.ABC News asked some experts about the app’s features and how it might impact recruiting.

John Stossel, a professor of computer science at University of California, Berkeley, told ABC News he believes it could be a recruiting tool for companies to increase the number of users on Facebook to increase engagement and lead to more engagement.

Stossel said the app could allow people to sign up to a specific app, but not all apps do that.

If the app is set up correctly, it could let you sign up for Facebook and then sign up again if you want to sign into another app, Stossell said.

Facebook has also said that it does not use your information for marketing purposes, including advertising.

Stosse said it is possible for Facebook to use your data to target ads.

However, Stosa said that this does not mean that Facebook would not target you with targeted ads, only that Facebook has to follow the law when it comes to that.

“This is the law of the land, and Facebook can do what it wants with your information,” Stossey said.

Stosa said it was a mistake for Facebook not to use this data in the first place, but added that it could still be used to make a “killer killer app.”

Stossell, however, cautioned that even if Facebook uses your information to make targeted ads in the future, he said he believed Facebook will only use this information to keep users informed of important news and information.

“I’m not sure they will ever get it to be the same,” Stosa told ABC.

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