Are we on the verge of a Chinese social media revolution?

Chinese social networking giant Tencent has launched a new app that offers the opportunity to share social media information.

The new app, which was released today on Tencent’s mobile and web platforms, is a way for Tencent users to quickly share the news from China’s social media platforms.

The app allows users to share pictures, videos and comments from popular posts and events.

The announcement comes just weeks after Tencent began to introduce a new social media platform called Tango that will be rolled out across Tencent and other China-based social networks later this year.

Tencent CEO Jia Yueting also announced that Tencent would begin working with Facebook on a new platform for social sharing in China.

The two companies announced their plans to collaborate in December, but the official launch of Tango comes as Tencent is facing a series of challenges in its efforts to build out its Chinese social network.

One of the most important challenges is to ensure that the new platform’s features are compatible with Chinese users.

Tango’s new platform is expected to be available in the coming months.

In a statement, Tencent said it is working to integrate Tango into Tencent apps, as well as integrate TAP (social authentication, authorization, payment) into the app’s core.

The company said it will also “support and improve” Tango in the following months, as part of its “social evolution” plan.

Ten is the second Chinese company to introduce social networking platforms for its own platforms, joining Tencent.

Last month, Ten announced it would offer Tango for Chinese users, with the aim of making it more widely accessible in China and other emerging markets.

The introduction of TAP and other social media services in China will have a major impact on the growth of the Chinese social networks.

TAP allows users in China to easily verify each other’s identity, and also allows users who don’t have an account on Ten to register as a “friends” or “follower” in a new “family” account.

Users can also access Ten’s news feeds from within TAP, and the app also allows Chinese users to join and manage other Ten users’ Ten accounts.

Facebook has also started developing an in-house social network for Chinese customers, the Facebook Chinese Social Network.

In March, Facebook said it would begin allowing Chinese users in the United States to add up to five Ten accounts to their profiles.

Ten, which is controlled by Tencent, has also been making moves to integrate Facebook’s social networking service in its own products, and has launched an “Instagram” and “Facebook Messenger” services in the last few months.

The Facebook China Social Network, which will be available to Chinese users this fall, will be the first Chinese social platform to offer this service.

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