Facebook is creating artificial intelligence that will tell you when you’re not in the mood

Canva social engineering tool uses AI to help users understand when they’re not feeling good article Canvas is an AI tool that helps people understand when their social media activity is not working well.

The social media company recently launched Canva, a new AI tool for those who are feeling depressed.

It’s an AI social tool that can be used to help people understand why their social activities are not working for them.

Canvas is part of Canva Inc., a subsidiary of Facebook, and it uses a machine learning algorithm to help analyze the activity of the user and decide if they need to make changes in their social behavior.

“This is really a new technology that we’re introducing in the context of the new way we want to engage with people,” said John LeBlanc, director of business development at Canva.

“We’re trying to build a smarter social network, but also one that we can use to make sure that we help people feel better and more empowered in the digital world.”

LeBlanc added that Canva is part a growing number of new social tools that Facebook is adding to its offerings to help improve user experiences.

“We’re adding a lot of new tools to our platform,” LeBlanche said.

“It’s part of a new way of thinking about the user experience that we think is important to us.”

Canva, which has been around since March, will be available to everyone in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Puerto Rico.

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