Facebook says it will remove ‘fake news’ from its social media platform

Facebook has made an announcement that it will eliminate “fake news” from its platform by the end of the year, a move that will reportedly help Facebook avoid having to fight the U.S. Supreme Court over a case that could have the biggest impact on social media since the 2016 election.

In a post to its Facebook community Tuesday, the company wrote that it “has removed fake news” and that the term “fake” has now become a “brand” and “symbol” for the platform.

The company also said that it had “unlocked a lot of valuable insights from our users about how they use Facebook, what they want to share and who they want on Facebook.”

The post said Facebook will continue to “invest in our tools and services to better help our users understand the world and to build a more meaningful and engaging experience.”

Facebook has been battling the Supreme Court for more than a year to stop the social media giant from forcing people to give up their information to the company in exchange for a $1.99 monthly fee.

The company says it has been unable to find a single case in which the court has found Facebook’s data collection to be unconstitutional, and the case could set a legal precedent that could prevent Facebook from collecting data about how users share content on the platform in the future.

In March, the Supreme of the United States ruled in favor of the company, saying that it was not required to provide information to Facebook or give it access to user data for “commercial purposes” because the company could choose to make that information available to other companies.

Facebook is a subsidiary of Alphabet, which is one of Alphabet’s parent companies.

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