Facebook shares a new emoji for love and sex

Facebook has unveiled a new digital emoji that it hopes will make its users feel more connected to their friends.

The social network’s new emoji has been designed to show people that love and relationships are real and important to them.

Facebook has released a new “love and sex” emoji that will be available on the company’s Messenger app and the Facebook news feed.

It’s the first emoji to include the word “Love” in a positive, heart-shaped shape, a move that makes it feel more relatable and human.

It’s a new approach for Facebook that could be beneficial to its user base as people become more engaged with the social network.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he wanted people to be able to share photos, videos and GIFs without having to remember what they looked like.

“If you know what you look like, you’re not going to need a photo editor, you can share them easily,” Zuckerberg said in an interview with CNBC.

“It’s all in your hands.

If you don’t know what the emoji looks like, that’s not the point.””

The more we can connect people to each other, the more connected we will be to the rest of the world,” he added.

Facebook’s new love and love emoji, which will appear in Messenger, the Facebook News Feed and other social media outlets, is the latest effort to try to improve user engagement with the platform.

It comes as Facebook has become increasingly concerned about its user experience.

It is working to make the platform more personal by making the search, post and newsfeed buttons more customizable and letting people share their own content, such as photos and videos, with the help of an extension.

But the company is still struggling to build a cohesive user experience that makes people feel comfortable sharing more than a handful of links.

The company’s new look is just one example of the many steps Facebook has taken to improve the experience.

In October, the company launched a redesigned Messenger app to offer more information about users’ friends, news, and photos.

The new app also lets users see and share their posts and videos without having the Facebook app open and with fewer distractions.

The app now allows users to add up to five friends to a group, which can then share the group’s content in a new group, according to a blog post at the time.

But the new Messenger app still requires users to connect to Facebook in order to see their posts or videos.

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