Facebook, Twitter, Twitter-style ‘social proof’ software helps people get jobs

Tech giant Facebook is working on a social proof software that will help people who get jobs find them, the company announced.

The tool is being developed by Facebook, which is using it in its advertising platform, Facebook Ads, and it will be available later this year, said a post on the Facebook product page.

Facebook Ads allows advertisers to promote a brand or product to people who are searching for it, which can then be used in social media.

Facebook has long used this kind of toolkit to promote its products and services, with the company also using the toolkit in its search engine.

Facebook has had social proof technology in place for a while, but its use has only been limited.

Earlier this year Facebook had to change its policies after some users were being told they were ineligible to work if they were “unqualified for social proof” because they did not have Facebook status updates or other proof of employment.

It said in February that it would no longer use social proof as a tool for its advertising platforms, but it had not yet provided any information on how it would do that.

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