#Facebook users will soon be able to share ‘fake news’ with friends via their Timeline

Facebook users are in for a big surprise as the company is expected to roll out a feature that will allow users to post “fake news” to their Timeline.

Users will be able click a button on the top of the Timeline page to share their “fake” news on Facebook, but the feature has not been finalized yet and Facebook has not made any announcements yet.

However, it seems that Facebook is planning to roll this feature out soon, which is likely due to the popularity of the trending hashtags “#fake news,” “fake photos,” and “fake stories.”

Facebook says it is testing the feature on Messenger, Facebook Messenger Desktop, and Desktop for iOS and Android.

Users that are currently using Messenger or Desktop on their devices will see this feature, which will allow them to share posts that have been “tweaked” or “edited” by their friends.

Users can also share fake news to their Facebook Timeline if they choose to, which seems like a good idea.

Facebook has recently begun to experiment with a feature called “tweetdeck,” which allows users to share videos and images that are not real.

The feature is available on Android and iOS, and it will be available to everyone on Monday.

This feature is similar to a feature previously introduced in Facebook Messenger for iOS users.

Users can click on a link on their Timeline page that will take them to a newsfeed that contains articles that have not been verified by Facebook.

Facebook will then send a tweet that has been edited by a user with the same name as the post.

Users then see this tweet in their timeline.

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This article was updated to clarify that Messenger for Android and Facebook Desktop will not be able send a Twitter tweet for the feature.

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