‘Folks are tired of this’ — Here’s what’s next for #Trump’s presidential campaign:

In the days since President Donald Trump took office, his team has faced some stiff challenges.

On the one hand, a wave of media coverage over the weekend spotlighted a campaign in crisis.

The president himself had to be escorted from the White House by Secret Service after he reportedly grabbed a reporter’s mic during an interview.

On Saturday, he had to deal with a backlash over his decision to cancel a rally for supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders, a favorite of his base.

He was also criticized for not being transparent about a White House visit with U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who has been in the country to hear a civil rights lawsuit.

On Monday, the administration faced another round of criticism over the president’s travel ban, which was temporarily halted on Saturday.

The decision, which sparked widespread protests in cities across the country, sparked an outcry among some Trump supporters.

The White House has said the ban was necessary to protect the United States from potential threats from international terrorism.

Trump, who’s been in office for just over a week, has also faced a number of high-profile legal setbacks.

A federal judge in Washington, D.C., blocked his executive order banning travel to the U.K., saying it violates the Constitution’s separation of powers and the First Amendment.

A week later, the U,S.

Supreme Court declined to hear the Trump administration’s appeal of a lower court ruling that halted the executive order.

A U.N. panel also blocked the president from implementing his immigration order, saying it discriminates against some of the world’s poorest countries and violates international law.

But the most consequential legal setback of the Trump presidency so far came last week, when a federal appeals court ruled that the president is barred from banning refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries — including Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Iran — and indefinitely banning refugees for refugees from Iran and Iraq.

The Supreme Court’s decision effectively halted the travel ban in its tracks for the time being.

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