Google’s Project Tango: The world’s first augmented reality headset for the masses

Google announced today it’s developing Project Tangle, an augmented reality platform that will enable augmented reality for both smartphone and tablet users.

The company is developing Tangle to work with both Google Glass and Google Home, with Google claiming that the device will be the first augmented-reality headset to work both on the phone and tablet.

Google has been working on the platform since March, when it launched Project Tago, an effort to create a set of devices that work with each other.

Project Tagos, which are currently in beta testing, are compatible with Google Glass, but Google Home is not yet compatible with Tango.

The company said it plans to launch Tangle “within the coming weeks,” and it has already made an estimated $200 million in revenue from the project.

The new Tangle headset will be compatible with any smartphone that can connect to a Tango device, Google said, and will support Google Home.

Project Trello, a collaboration tool for the company’s Tango projects, will also support the new Tango headsets.

Google says that the new headset will have a wide range of “high-end specs,” but that its focus will be on building a “very simple, flexible, lightweight, low-power, and energy-efficient solution.”

Google says the headset will allow people to “feel like they are in the real world” when using Tango, and that it will offer “a wide range” of “low-end” features, including “motion-tracking support” and “high resolution, color-enhanced images” for people to use with Tangle.

Tangle, which Google calls Project Tao, is still in beta, but the company says it’s already “over 30 percent of the way through development.”

The company also says the project is “in the early stages,” and that the team is “still trying to figure out what will work best for different applications.”

Google said that it has spent the last three years working on Project Taos, but it said that “we’re excited to begin the next phase of this project.”

Google announced its Tango-enabled headsets in November of 2014.

Project Glass launched in March 2015, and Project Tigo in August of that year.

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