Google’s search algorithm has been altered in the wake of a ‘disgruntled’ Google employee’s blog

Google’s new search algorithm, which has been under fire by a disgruntled employee, has been changed to avoid using Google’s negative words, the search giant said in a blog post.

Google’s algorithm has now been “revised to avoid the use of negative words such as ‘stupid’ or ‘uneducated’,” the company wrote on Tuesday.

The news comes as a backlash has grown after Google announced the redesign of its search results, which includes removing the search results for “stupid”, “stupider” and “ignorant”.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to say he was not aware of any change to Google’s algorithm, and that the search terms that had been removed from the results were not part of the original Google search results.

However, in an email to employees, Pichais said the new search terms had been “modeled to help the search team understand how users are interacting with the site”.

“As part of our search redesign efforts, we’ve made some changes to our search results to better understand how people are interacting on Google,” he said.

“We are working hard to improve the way we understand how you are using Google and we’ll keep working on these improvements.

We’ll update you when we make any changes.”

Google also said it would continue to add new search queries, including the term “fake news” and the term to “stubborn”, but would not specify what those searches were.

The search giant also said the “terms” in the original search results that had previously been removed would be retained.

“If you are experiencing any problems with your Google search, please reach out to your search partner to let them know that we are looking to address the issue,” the company said.

Google has previously faced criticism for its negative search terms.

Google recently said it was revising its search terms, including removing the word “stinky” and replacing it with the term, “sturdy”.

The company said it had also been redesigning the search result for the term that it had removed, “dishonesty”, which it said had been used in “a lot of bad ways” and was no longer an acceptable term.

The company also said that it would be using an algorithm to improve its search ranking algorithm in the future, but that it was not yet ready to say what that would be.

“Our search rankings algorithm will continue to evolve, but we don’t have an exact release date yet,” Google said.

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