How to get a job as a fashion designer? – BBC Sport

With the world in a global economic crisis, there are many more opportunities for designers in fashion.

Some may have been born with the right qualifications and the right skills, while others may be looking for a job that’s both creative and rewarding.

To find out more, BBC Sport looks at the careers of the world’s most sought-after fashion designers.


Adriana Barraza The designer has worked for brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Chanels and Gucci.

She has also worked for luxury brands such a Chanel and Louis Vuitch.


Luka Mele The designer is a well-known designer who has worked with designers such as Yves Saint Laurent and Stella McCartney.

She is also a designer with L’Oréal.


Kate Moss The fashion designer was born in France and moved to New York to pursue her fashion career at a young age.

She worked with fashion brands including Gucci, Chanelle and Calvin Klein.


Diane Von Furstenberg The fashion model is a fashion icon, whose work is seen around the world, including in magazines such as Vanity Fair.

Her collection of shoes has sold millions of copies worldwide.


Adele Kermode The fashion entrepreneur, who has designs for fashion houses such as Dolce and Gabbacomet and is a co-founder of the fashion brand, Kermodes, is an avid traveler.

She travels the world to visit her fashion and fashion design clients and has worked in the fashion industry for the past seven years.


Hedi Slimane The fashion and accessories designer is the most famous fashion designer in the world.

He is also the founder of the designer line, Hedi.


Kim Kardashian The former model and reality TV star has a long-standing relationship with the designer.

She’s worked with many fashion brands.

She was photographed with the fashion designer before her career with Calvin Klein was over.


Stella McCartney The singer and songwriter has worked on several of the biggest brands including Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Sportswear and Balenciaga.

She also co-founded the design company with the actor and model.


Victoria Beckham The soccer player has worked closely with designers including Louis Vuichs and Chanel.

She currently has a contract with Calvin Johnson.


Christian Louboutin The fashion fashion designer has designed for brands including Nike, Louis Vuits and Guerrillas.

She previously worked with the Italian fashion house, Dolci.


Isabelle Huppert The fashion icon and fashion designer is renowned for her work with brands including Balenca, Gucci and Marc Jacobs.

She will be working for the French brand, Huppers.


Alexander Wang The designer who started out as a model, has since developed a style for men.

She wears her designs with her everyday outfits.


Kim Klement The fashion industry veteran is a model and model for men’s fashion and is working with the French designer Hedi Kermadec.


Chloe Hester The designer and actress was born and raised in New York City and is one of the most successful models in fashion today.

She works for Chanel from her personal fashion studio.


Isabel Huppercamp The designer for men and women’s fashion was born on the island of Saint Lucia.

She lives in Paris.


Anna Wintour The fashion star is an iconic figure in the women’s and men’s beauty industry.

She collaborated with Chanel to create the signature line of designer sunglasses.


Hani Kim The fashion stylist has worked at luxury brands including Dior, Versace, Ralph Lauren and Guiguet.

She now works with Calvin and Co. 18.

Sophie Bossé The designer was a model for fashion brands such Asos and Givenchy before she turned to fashion.

She still has designs with the brands.


L’Oreal The cosmetics and fragrance brand is known for its innovative and creative makeup products.

Its beauty products are widely sold.


Victoria Pendleton The fashion show host and model has been married to the designer for more than 10 years.

She married designer and fashion editor Pierre Brisson in 2004.


Adrienne Curry The fashion executive who has been in charge of the collection of the brand L’oréal, has worked alongside the designers of Chanel for the last four years.


Yves St Laurent The fashion mogul was born to an American father and French mother in Paris and is the designer of many brands including Versace and Calvin.


Stella Artois The fashion brand has many names including Armani, Yves and Stella.

It was founded by Pierre L’Amour.


Stefano Sforza The fashion director for the luxury fashion brand is the man behind the couture collections of brands such Chanel Couture, Guerrila and Dolce. 25.

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