How to keep your ‘wants’ secret and your ‘likes’ secret in the face of social media threats

President Donald Trump is “livid” with the “scam” of social-media trolls who target the president’s family members.

| AP Photo Trump blasts social media trolls as ‘liars and scammers’ who ‘dont want to be taken seriously’Trump said Monday that he has “loved” his son Barron for years and that the family is “doing fine” after receiving more than 2,000 threats against the president, the first family and Barron himself from “lots of people” over the past two months.

Trump told the New York Times on Monday that his eldest son “is doing a great job” and said his “heart breaks” over what the media has reported about the threats.

“Weve been getting lots of calls, and Ive been in a very, very good mood.

He is doing a terrific job,” Trump said.

“We have a lot of love for him.

Ive always loved him, and we are doing a very good job.

We are doing great.

We will get back to you on this.”

He added that he does not want to see the president “taken down” by “anyone that is dishonest.”

“If you think he is doing OK, and if you think we are, and you think Barron is doing great, then that is just not true,” Trump told Times reporters on Monday.

“He is doing very well.

We have a very nice family.

We love him very much.

We feel like we have been taken down.

We think it’s a scam.

We dont want to lose him, we love him so much.

If we dont win, he will not be going anywhere, we will see what happens.”

He continued: “He has a tremendous love for Barron.

I have said for a long time, he is my only child.

He has never been taken advantage of, and he will be taken advantage.

And we are going to get back.”

The president has long spoken about how his son has been able to “keep his family and friends, friends and family members, at arm’s length.”

The family’s Instagram account and Twitter accounts were hacked earlier this year, prompting speculation that the president may have been targeted.

“The people that are doing these are liars and swindlers and scumbags, and theyre trying to hurt Barron Trump and his family,” Trump wrote in a letter to members of the military and the media last month.

“Theyre trying their hardest to hurt our president, but theyre not succeeding.

Their only goal is to hurt and divide the country and divide our country.

Theyre not trying to help our president.

They are just trying to cause him trouble and to hurt the country.”

The President’s personal Twitter account, @POTUS, has also been the target of threats since its creation in January.

Trump has been a vocal critic of social networks since becoming president, often tweeting about how Facebook has become a “toxic” place where people feel free to express themselves.

“I think it would be a mistake to think that Facebook is a good thing.

Facebook is not a good place for people to be,” he wrote last month, adding that the company has “become a very big place where the government and the news organizations are all controlled.””

Theyve become the platform that’s used to disseminate lies and lies about people.

And the lies are so disgusting and they have been spreading for a very long time,” Trump added.

“And I think it will be very interesting to see how they deal with it.”

In February, Trump accused the social media giant of not following the terms of its terms of service, a claim he repeated on Monday after learning that Facebook had changed its terms.

“You are not supposed to say things on Facebook that are illegal,” Trump tweeted at the time.

“I’m sure it’s legal.

It’s not like you can’t say anything illegal.

Facebook has the right to do what they want.”

The White House has defended the administration’s handling of the issue of fake news on social media, saying the White House is “taking steps to make sure people have the best experience on Facebook.”

“We have taken action to combat the fake news problem that has plagued our platform since we launched,” a White House official said.

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