How to use hashtags to connect with your audience and connect with their social media friends

Posted March 07, 2018 09:01:10How to use hashtag to connect and connect your social media with your readers and followers, and how to tag your content with #loveyourblog for a chance to share your love for your blog.

What is a hashtag? 

A hashtag is a tag or symbol that is used to identify a topic or topic-like topic. 

The name “#loveyourblogs” refers to the tag that is the same for all #loveYourBlogs.

How do you use hashtag on Twitter? 

When you want to connect to your audience on Twitter, simply use the hashtag, #loveyoublogs, to tweet your content to your followers and your followers to follow. 

When your followers follow you, they will see your tweets and will follow you too. 

You can also tag your blog posts, hashtags, or posts to social media to follow, or share it to your social circle or website. 

How to tag a tweet? 

You will need to tag the tweets or posts you want them to see with the hashtag #loveyblogs, so that your tweets or post will be visible to your fans. 

Your tag will need a subject, so for example, tag “loveyoursites,” and your post will appear with the #loveblogs tag. 

What if I want to share a tweet or post on my own blog? 

If you want your tweets to be shared to your own blog, you can use the hashtags “loveyblog,” “loveyoublog” or similar, and you can tag your post with #LoveyBlogs or #LoveYBH. 

Once you have tagged a tweet with #YBHTags, you will see it on your blog, and your readers will see you tweeting about your loveblog. 

This is a great way to engage with your own readers and promote your blog to the world. 

And if you want more information about hashtag use, please read our post, How to Tag a Tweet, to learn more.

What if you have no followers on Twitter or Facebook? 

To get more followers on your own Twitter account, you must use hashtagged tweets. 

For example, if you are trying to reach your followers on Facebook, use #LoveYourFB, and if you’re trying to get followers on Instagram, use the same hashtag, “LoveYourInstagrams.” 

#LoveYBs or #YBs are hashtags that are used for people to share their love for a specific Instagram post or video. 

To use hashtag #LoveyourInstagram, add #loveysinstagram tag, then use the #YBS hashtag to tag it. 

#YBs is the hashtag that is trending on Instagram.

What should I do if I have followers on my Twitter account? 

The Twitter social media moderation guidelines are as follows:Use hashtags and tag your posts, tags, and content with hashtag(s) of your choice. 

Follow the guidelines on Twitter to stay in the loop on new and upcoming hashtags.

Use the hashtag in the body of your posts to create a “love your blog” hashtag.

Use hashtag(s), tag, or content to share to your Twitter followers.

Use hashtag in your bio and bio text to share.

Tag posts to your blog with #TweetYourBlog, #YMBots, #LoveBlogs, or #YoBlog. 

In the body, tag your followers, tag posts, tag hashtag(es), and tag content. 

If your followers see your post and follow, they’ll see it too.

What do I do with my Twitter followers? 

Twitter will let you share content from your Twitter account to your readers. 

Twitter allows you to include a number of hashtags within your tweet. 

Tag your tweets with hashtag #LoveYouTwitter, #TweetY, #YoYoBlog, or even #YBMots. 

Make sure to include hashtags in your tweet, as they will be shared on your followers. 

Use hashtagging for your posts and tag them with #YouFollowMe. 

Then use the tag to share on your Twitter and other social media platforms, including Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+. 

In your bio, tag with #ybs, tag tweets with #yo blog, tag the hashtag with #YoYBlog, tag post with the hashtag “#YoBlog” and tag hashtag #Ybs, tags your posts with hashtag hashtag(ies) of the same name. 

All you need to do is use hashtag(ss) in the tweet, tag and share on Twitter and/or Facebook. 

Note: Some platforms require you to create your own hashtag to use it.

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