How to Use Instagram to Create Your Own Facebook Stories

I used to be a Facebook user.

I used Facebook.

I had friends there.

I loved it.

And then I realized, you know, I can do better.

Instagram is a platform that lets you do more with your social media presence.

Here’s how to use it to get your Facebook content noticed.


Create a Facebook Profile Profile with Instagram.

You can use a single profile, a Facebook group, or a group of friends.

I prefer to use a group profile, since it allows you to share more content with your friends and to collaborate with others on content.

If you’re not sure if a Facebook profile is right for you, check out this video to see how to create a Facebook account for yourself.

I’ll assume you already have a Facebook page, so I’ll use your name and avatar in this tutorial.

Click the Create Account button, then follow the instructions.


Sign in with your Facebook account.

Now you’re ready to create your own Facebook profile.

Open up Instagram, click the Profile icon at the top of the screen, and click “Edit Profile.”

Next, click “Create New Profile.”

Click “Create Profile.”


You’ll be asked to create an avatar.

This will give you a “headshot” that will appear on your profile.

The “Headshot” is a simple photo that you can add to your profile to make it more personal.

Make sure you put your photo’s height and weight in the “Gender” box, or your profile will not work.

Now click “Add Photo.”

Click the “Add photo” button, and fill out the information.

Now it’s time to choose your Facebook photo.

This is your avatar.

Click “Add Profile Photo.”

You’re now on your new Facebook profile photo.

If the “Profile Photo” doesn’t work, you may need to create another photo to get it to work.

(If you don’t see your profile photo in your photo album, check your Photo Gallery.)

You’ll also need to add a “tag” to your photo.

For example, if your tag says “likes,” that means that you’re very popular.

You want this tag to be visible in your profile picture, so you need to put your Facebook tag in the tag box.

In this tutorial, I chose a picture of a friend of mine, because that’s the one I used.

Click Create Profile Photo.


Select your Facebook profile pic and “Add Tag.”

This is the Facebook profile tag.

Add your Facebook link to it.

Click on “Edit Tag.”

Click on the “Tags” tab, then select “Add tag.”

Click and drag the “tag name” from your profile pic to the “Tag Name” box.

Add a “body” to the tag.

Make it the same color as the “body image” of your Facebook picture.

(Remember that your Facebook pic has a border, so it should look similar to your Facebook header image.)

Click “Done.”


Save the “Body Tag” image as a photo.

You may want to keep the body tag to show off your photo for friends and family.

Click File, then “Save Photo.”


Next, add your photo to your friends list.

When you add friends, they will see it automatically.

Click in the upper-right corner of the photo and then click the “Friends” icon.

(You’ll also see a “Follow” button at the bottom of the Facebook page.)

You can add as many friends as you want on your friends page, but it may take some time to receive all the new members.

Once your friends are added, you can click the button to “follow” them and then the button that says “like” on your Facebook wall.


You should now see a photo of your friend.

You will see a list of all the photos you’ve liked from your friends profile.

Click and “Like” on the photo.


If your friends have a photo you want to include on your wall, they can add it by clicking the “Edit” button in the top right corner.

The photo will now appear in your Friends list.


If it doesn’t, you’ll have to create it.

First, click on “Add Photos.”

Now add the photos that you want.

You could just add a photo to the Friends list that you just added.

You might want to add one of your friends as well.

To do this, go to “Edit Facebook” in the Facebook app.

Click Add Photos.

Now that you have your photos added, click Add Link.

Then add a caption to the photo with the text “Add Link.”

Then click the green “Add” button.

The caption should say something like “Add to My Facebook Wall.”

Click OK. 10.

Now, you will see your new photos in your friends lists.

You now have your own wall.

You’re ready for your first

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