The 10 best Instagram and Snapchat alternatives

With Instagram and Snap disappearing from the social media landscape in 2016, the Internet Archive has created a handy list of the best alternatives to the major social media platforms.

As of the time of writing, there are over 3,000 of these alternative social networks.1.

Instagram Discover: Instagram Discover is a social media sharing platform that lets you share photos, videos, and other media with up to 200 friends.

The platform is free, but the app is fully featured and has the ability to sync across devices.2.

Instagram Moments: Moments is a video app for Instagram that lets users post videos, images, and comments in real-time.

Moments allows users to post photos, video clips, and audio clips to their Instagram feed without uploading to the site.3.

Snapchat Discover: Snapchat Discover is an Instagram-like video sharing app for Snapchat users that lets them share photos and videos and post links to their own posts.

The app also features the ability for users to embed text in their posts.4.

Facebook Connect: Facebook Connect is a photo sharing and sharing app that lets people post photos and share content.5.

Instagram Plus: Instagram Plus is a new Instagram video app that has been designed for people who use Instagram Stories.

It lets users add their own videos to Instagram Stories, share content from their Facebook accounts, and post images and video to their photos and Instagram profiles.6.

Snapchat Plus: Snapchat Plus is the Instagram video platform for Snapchat that lets its users upload and share their own video content.7.

Vine: Vine is an online video app made for Vine users.

It has an enhanced user interface and includes a camera view.8.

Snapchat Plus: Snapchat is a Snapchat-like social media app that allows its users to share and upload their own content and video.9.

Twitter Discover: Twitter Discover is one of the most popular video and video sharing apps on Twitter.

The Twitter app allows users from all around the world to post videos and pictures.10.

YouTube Discover: YouTube Discover is the new Instagram and Vine video app from YouTube that lets Twitter users upload videos and videos to their account.11.

Facebook Video: Facebook Video is an app that brings you the most beautiful, informative videos from around the web, and lets you subscribe to watch them on your favorite social media site.12.

Twitter Video: Twitter Video is a Twitter video app with a revamped interface that allows you to upload videos to Twitter, add your own video, and share it on your timeline.13.

Instagram Video: Instagram Video is Instagram’s new video app.

It’s a more user-friendly version of the Instagram Video app that gives users the ability add videos, share them, and make their own YouTube videos.14.

Facebook Live Video: YouTube Live Video is Facebook’s new YouTube video app, and it lets users record live video from any social media account on their devices.15.

Facebook Moments: Facebook Moments is Facebooks new video platform that allows users post and share video and videos on their timeline.16.

YouTube Live: YouTube is YouTube’s new live video app and YouTube is giving you the ability stream your videos live and upload them to your Facebook page.17.

Instagram Photos: Instagram Photos is Instagrams new photo app.

You can upload your photos and add them to Instagram’s Photos app.18.

Facebook Messenger: Facebook Messenger is Facebook Messenger’s new messaging app.

This is a feature that allows the Messenger app to connect to Facebook.19.

Snapchat: Snapchat is Snapchat’s video and photo sharing app.20.

Instagram Live: Instagram Live is Instagram Live’s new social media video app (which allows users on all social media accounts to post and stream videos).21.

Instagram Timeline: Instagram Timeline is Instagram Timeline’s new timeline app.22.

Twitter Live: Twitter Live is Twitter’s new livestreaming app.23.

Snapchat Live: Snapchat Live is Snapchat Live’s video streaming app.24.

Snapchat Photos: Snapchat Photos is Snapchat Photos’ new photo and video app24.

Instagram News Feed: Instagram News is Instagram News’ news feed app24,25.

Instagram Stories: Instagram Stories is Instagram Stories’ news app.26.

Snapchat Messenger: Snapchat Messenger is Snapchat Messenger’s video sharing and photo app26.

Instagram Music: Instagram Music is Instagram Music’s music app26,27.

Instagram Instagram: Instagram Instagram is Instagram Instagram’s Instagram video and music app27,28.

Instagram Snapchat: Instagram Snapchat is Instagram Snapchat’s photo and photo and music apps27,29.

Instagram Chat: Instagram Chat is Instagram Chat’s video messaging and video chat app29.

Snapchat Stories: Snapchat Stories is Snapchat Stories’ video sharing, photo and image app29,30.

Instagram Calendar: Instagram Calendar is Instagram Calendar’s calendar app.31.

Instagram Groups: Instagram Groups is Instagram Groups’ social media chat app.32.

Snapchat Groups: Snapchat Groups is Snapchat Groups’ video messaging app32.

Instagram Social: Instagram Social is Instagram Social’s video social media application32,33.

Instagram Messenger:

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