The Social Media Policy of the United States

The US is considering a major change to its social media policies, including banning sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Read full storyThe US is reviewing a policy that allows websites to create new social media accounts that are “not associated with or affiliated with any organization or institution of any government or political party”.

The proposed changes are expected to be published in the Federal Register in early April, the Washington Post reports.

The Federal Trade Commission is also investigating the proposal, the paper says.

In the US, companies can make their own Facebook and YouTube accounts, and users can also create a new account for a fee.

But a major problem has been the fact that these accounts are often owned by companies that do not have a “presence” in the country, meaning that the US government cannot regulate them.

The issue of foreign ownership of social media has become an important issue in US elections this year, with both Democrats and Republicans calling for new measures to protect US interests in a digital age.

Trump has called for a US “total shutdown” of foreign-owned websites, as well as foreign-based content on social media.

He has also suggested that the government could ban certain websites.

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