Twitter CEO: ‘I don’t want to be the guy who gets killed’

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been the target of a new trend on social media as the company struggles to maintain its momentum following its massive social media takeover of Instagram.

In a tweet posted late Thursday, Dorsey wrote, “I’m not sure if it’s my fault, but I’m not in control of my destiny.

We’re in control now.””

I don,t want to have to be in the guy’s spot and be the one who gets shot,” Dorsey continued.

“I don;t want it.

I know what I need to do.”

The tweet came after Dorsey was accused of bullying a former colleague and the company has had to pay former employees to settle lawsuits stemming from his takeover.

In response to the allegations, Dorson fired back with a tweet, saying, “You can be in control, you can be a leader.

We can’t.”

On Thursday, Twitter CEO tweeted that he was not “in control” of the company and would not be bullied, but he also said the company “has a lot of leadership we need to focus on.”

“We will be the best in the world at what we do, and we are not going to let anyone take that away from us,” Dorson said.

Twitter is a social network with over 8 billion monthly active users.

Its first-ever acquisition of Instagram, which launched in December 2016, was the company’s most significant investment in the social media industry.

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