Twitter trolls claim they’ll ‘pay you for your tweets’

Twitter trolls claiming they’ll “pay you” for tweets are circulating a new scam that would make it easy for the Internet to monetize the behavior.

According to a post on the site of the Anti-Defamation League, the new scam, which is described as a “black hat” operation, involves a user submitting a fake tweet and being tricked into sending the text of a private message to a Twitter account.

The user will then receive the “tweet” from the account and be required to pay the tweet’s creator, the ADL said.

“In the case of the new scheme, the Twitter account is called the ‘Twitter user who has a history of trolling,'” the ADl wrote.

“The user who receives the tweet from the troll account is supposed to reply to the sender in private, saying, ‘Hi, I’m a troll.'”

“The person who replies will then be asked to pay a bounty to the person who originally sent the tweet, the fake Twitter account will then respond, ‘Hey, you’re a good friend and I’m glad you sent me the tweet.

You know I have no intention of sending you anything and I’d like you to pay me for it.'”

The ADL says the account that receives the payment is called “the ‘Twitter troll.'”

Twitter is the world’s most popular social media platform, but the company has faced criticism for failing to adequately protect the accounts it keeps.

It’s unclear whether the “twitter troll” scam is being used by other trolls.

Twitter declined to comment on the claims.

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