An Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the oldest method when compared with other modules in Digital Marketing. Being the oldest, it is yet the best method to have personal connect with your users. I am gonna walk you through the 10 utmost steps of email marketing.

  • Email list
  • Subject line
  • Content
  • Design
  • CTA
  • Automation
  • Segmentation
  • Personalize
  • Social Media
  • Automation tools

So let’s get started

Email list

How to grow your email list

Growing your list organically is the most effective way to build a successful mailing list. This way you are in touch with users who are interested in your offer and maintain their engagement.

Did you know that your email list naturally degrades by about 22.5% every year?

People change email addresses as they move from one company to another. They unsubscribe. They don’t really use the email or misspelled it while subscribing. This is why you should constantly grow your email list.

Ran out of ideas or want to grow your mailing list from scratch? Read about some best practices how to grow your list.

Subject Line

02 / How to write email subject lines to increase open rate

Keep the subject line short, descriptive and clearly state what’s inside the email.

Around 55% of people read email on mobile devices. iPhone cuts off subject lines after 35 characters in portrait view but displays about 140 characters of preheader. Good preheader text increases click-through rates by over 30% and reduces spam complaints.

A strict no to “no-reply” email.

Not only do you show your recipients that you don’t care about what they think or want to ask you, “no-reply” email addresses also hurt your email reputation and deliverability.

Provide an email address that’s linked to a real, live inbox and is being checked often. Even better if you add a person to the sender name. The opening rate increased by 28% when email was sent from a human being comparing to the letter sent from a general marketing alias.


03 / How to improve your email content

It’s ok to sell. If people subscribe to an e-commerce site, they expect you to sell. But don’t make them feel as a marketing target. Send an email that you would like to get yourself.

Use 70% – 30% rule for your email content.

70% of emails should give value, make them smile and surprise them. 30% of emails can sell. Sure, you can’t predict when someone needs your brand. Humans are complicated. Just make your audience curious to open your next email.


04 / How to design email campaigns that convert

Our eyes are constantly moving and looking for fun. Make your reader’s eyes stop for a sec. There are some things that makes your newsletter to stand out and communicate your message.

90% of information transmitted to your brain is visual.

See how you implement that in your emails:


05 / Best practices for effective Call-To-Action

Having an effective call to action is an essential part of any email marketing campaign. It’s the final gateway before a reader converts. Readers typically just quickly scan the email, rather than reading it all.

When a person opens an email, one of the first things that he/she should see is CTA.

Know what you aim to achieve in sending an email. Just one main thing. And provide clear CTA for your customer.


06 / How to use email automation

Imagine a new client sign up to your mailing list but doesn’t receive any confirmation or welcome email. Now the person feels like you don’t care about him.

Most automation campaigns involve the sending of triggered emails, usually in response to a user’s browsing and purchase behavior on a website.

Here the email automation comes to the rescue. It has almost infinite potential for introducing yourself, onboarding, and engaging with customers.

Find out the best practices in email automation and how to make it personal:


07 / Smart email marketing segmentation

Segmenting your mailing list makes it easy to send your subscribers content that they care about (and at the right time).

Segmented email sends usually receive 14% more opens, 64% higher clicks and 9% fewer unsubscribes than unsegmented ones. Also, it reduces the number of spam complaints.

There is an overwhelming number of ways you can segment your list. You should think about the relevant segments while building it. An online fashion retailer, for instance, can get great results segmenting on gender. Showing the men’s items to men and women’s’ items to women. But if they combine it with size and style preferences they can level up to even better results.

Discover more great ways how you can segment your mailing list in the articles below.


08 / How do you personalize a campaign

It is a must that your readers feel that there is an actual person behind your brand.

No one likes receiving standard bulk emails that are sent to everybody. When evaluating brands, consumers primarily use emotions, personal feelings, and experiences, rather than information – brand attributes, features, and facts.

Social Media

09 / How to successfully integrate email and social media

You can’t ignore social media. They make your customers more engaged, but…

Remember that you don’t own social media. What does it mean? You don’t own the database of your fans on Facebook and followers on Twitter. Thus, it’s better to collect their emails and get control.


10 / How to choose right email marketing platform

After all above points, here is where your efforts will show off, choosing a right platform for email marketing is as important as choosing a right partner for you.

Right platforms for Email marketing

Here some good email marketing platform market leaders


So, I tried to cover the 10 utmost steps of Email Marketing, I hope this post has given you a good introduction to the email marketing, steps, and procedures. Do shout out in the comment box for any feedback or suggestion to improve this article. Meanwhile, start some practical with demo accounts on any these platform to understand this article better.  GetResponse | MailerLite |

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