What to do when your Facebook profile is hijacked by fake news

The Australian Federal Police has warned that fake news on social media could cause damage to your Facebook page and other social media accounts.

It has launched a crackdown on fake news that it says is spreading across the internet.

The Federal Police warned that people who posted fake news about Australia, foreign policy, or politics could be targeted by Facebook.

Fake news is a term used to describe articles published by the so-called “trolls” that post content intended to harm and offend a particular group.

They are typically anonymous, often using the pseudonym “Lionel”, and often post content about politics, sports, or entertainment.

The Federal Government said fake news could have a significant impact on the integrity of social media.

“The content posted to Facebook and other platforms by people who do not identify themselves is a form of online abuse that could have far-reaching impacts on how Australians interact with the internet,” a statement from the Federal Government read.

What is a ‘troll’?

Fake content posted by “trollers” is often published in news feeds, blogs, and other online platforms.

This type of content can have devastating consequences on the fabric of our society.

People who post fake news are often accused of violating rules, or of creating fake accounts to stir up trouble.

In a series of cases, the Federal Police have identified fake news as being a threat to the safety of the Australian public.

These types of fake news have been associated with crimes including terrorism, child exploitation, hate crime, and violent extremism.

Some fake news posts are also intended to undermine confidence in the political system, the police said.

Facebook has been criticised by other countries for not taking a tougher stance on fake content.

Last week, Facebook was criticised by US politicians for failing to stop a group of Russian trolls who created fake accounts and posts.

But the Federal police said that fake content posted online by the Russian trolls had no bearing on the United States election and that Facebook had not taken a stance on Russian interference.

Are you affected by fake content?

If you have found content that you think may be fake, please let us know.

We will work to identify and remove it.

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