What to know about the new Trump administration

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – The new Trump White House will be a mixed bag of business leaders and techies, with some of the most experienced, experienced in technology and a few newcomers.

The tech and financial sectors will be the major drivers in the administration, which will have a mix of economic interests and social and political perspectives.

It will be led by tech entrepreneur-turned-administration official Steve Bannon and his former chief strategist Steve Bannon, the son of White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon.

The White House is expected to be an administration that can draw on Trump’s populist appeal, and Bannon is known to be a strong advocate for free trade.

The Trump administration is expected in its first 100 days to focus on helping the middle class and addressing problems that have plagued the U.S. economy, particularly in rural areas and small businesses.

It is also expected to take steps to combat climate change, which Trump has said has made the U of S more susceptible to drought.

But the president has said he is open to a “global approach” to solving global problems.

The administration is also set to face some challenges.

The Senate is likely to block Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, and Senate Democrats are considering a filibuster-proof majority for Trump to fill the vacancy left by Antonin Scalia’s death.

Republicans control both chambers of Congress and have the potential to pass legislation.

But Republicans also control the White House, Senate and House.

The House has not voted on a major legislation in more than two decades, and a majority of Democrats oppose any legislation at all.

The president has pledged to veto any legislation that fails to include significant tax cuts.

In addition to the economy, the new administration will focus on a number of other issues that have troubled some of Trump’s supporters.

It is expected that the president will propose some major changes to federal health care law.

And it will be at odds with the president’s campaign promises, including his vow to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act.

The new administration is set to be the first in a long time to focus more on economic issues than social issues, and it is expected the president-elect’s proposals on immigration and the environment will be more progressive than the president who ran on a more populist platform.

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