What’s going on with @TigerBalls, @DwayneBrownJr and #BasketballJazz? | The Ringer

The Ringecast is back!

In this episode, we chat with Tiger’s son, Dwayne Brown Jr, who shares his thoughts on basketball, and what’s going to happen to the Orlando Magic next season.

He also talks about the NBA Draft, and why he’s rooting for the Celtics.

Then, our buddy @JarrettGomez sits down with two of the best young players in the game, LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

He and J.R. Smith talk about their journey from high school to the NBA, how it all played out, and how the two of them have turned their game around in different ways.

Finally, Garrett talks to the Ringer’s own Ethan Sherwood Strauss about how he and Ringer writer Andrew Gruttadaro have transformed their podcast into an all-in-one platform, how the site’s audience is expanding, and more.

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