What’s in a name? A brief primer on the most common ones

When you’re talking about the most popular social media applications on the App Store, you’re going to hear a lot about Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

But what about Twitter?

We’ve got a whole bunch of other options to choose from.

Read on to find out how the most commonly used social media apps compare to each other, and which ones you might want to consider for your next project.

In order to rank the apps in terms of importance, we took a look at the app’s ratings on each of the major social media sites.

For Twitter, we also took a deep dive into its user growth rate, user acquisition rate, and overall user engagement metrics.

Instagram has a solid user base, with around 5.6 million active users in September 2017, according to StatCounter, and it’s steadily gained in popularity as of late.

But its user base is still far smaller than Snapchat’s.

Snapchat has been steadily growing its user-base since January, but its growth rate has slowed considerably, reaching 4.6% in January 2018.

Meanwhile, Instagram has steadily gained more than 40% of its users over the past year.

Both Snapchat and Instagram have been expanding their user base over the years, but Instagram’s growth rate is significantly slower than Snapchat.

In fact, Snapchat has more than doubled its userbase in the past 12 months than Instagram’s.

While Snapchat’s user growth rates are much lower, it also has an impressive user acquisition ratio.

The company boasts more than 1 billion active users, and its user acquisition is over 90% of the entire user base.

Snapchat is also growing faster than Instagram, which has more active users than Instagram.

As of September 2018, Snapchat had over 2 billion active members.

By comparison, Instagram had 1.4 billion active and over 100 million daily active users at the end of September.

Instagram also has a larger user base than Snapchat, with over 7 billion active Instagram members as of September 2017.

In terms of user growth, Instagram is actually more popular than Snapchat and Snapchat is more popular that Instagram than Snapchat is popular that Snapchat is.

In order to understand how these factors impact the success of each app, we compared the apps’ growth rate versus growth rate over the same period last year.

The chart below displays the average growth rate for each of these apps over the course of the past twelve months.

Snapchat’s growth was much higher than Instagram because it was growing at a higher rate than Instagram did.

This is due to the fact that Instagram had fewer active users and therefore fewer followers than Snapchat did.

It’s also important to note that growth rates for these two apps are not comparable.

Instagram growth is measured on a per user basis, while Snapchat growth is on a total user basis.

In the past, Instagram was very popular because it provided users with a lot of social interaction options, but now that Instagram is in its prime, users can take advantage of many more of those social interactions through their social media accounts.

This means Instagram users have access to a larger number of friends and more followers.

Snapchat is still a popular app for its ability to provide more than just a basic social network, and now that it’s in its twilight, it has more options than ever to reach more people.

While Instagram has grown much faster than Snapchat over the last year, it’s also been growing at an impressive rate.

Instagram grew by almost 60% over the previous year.

In addition, Instagram users now account for a larger share of Instagram’s user base and account for more than 50% of Instagram users.

Snapchat, meanwhile, accounts for just under 10% of Snapchat’s users.

The number of Snapchat users is actually declining, as more users have opted out of using Snapchat over time.

Snapchat was one of the most heavily used apps in September, and over the year, its users have decreased.

Instagram is gaining followers, but that growth has been slower than that of Snapchat.

Instagram has also had a slower growth rate than Snapchat has.

In September 2018 it had over 1.3 billion active, compared to 1.8 billion for Snapchat.

This isn’t necessarily because Instagram users are less active than Snapchat users, as there’s still plenty of active users.

Instead, it could be because Instagram is experiencing an exponential growth rate of its own.

Instagram’s popularity is still growing at nearly double the rate of Snapchat, but this growth rate isn’t sustainable.

Instagram users aren’t as engaged as Snapchat users are.

In the past four months, Instagram user engagement has been falling at a rate that’s nearly double Snapchat’s rate.

In other words, Instagram’s users are being less engaged with their Instagram posts.

Snapchats growth has also been slower because its users aren, in general, less active.

This has led to a slowdown in Instagram’s overall user growth.

Instagram saw more than 600 million active members in September 2018 compared to Snapchat’s almost 700 million.

The difference is that Instagram users in the US account for nearly half of all users

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