What’s the deal with all of this fake news?

An anonymous subreddit, /r and its associated social media accounts, have been the subject of scrutiny since last month, when a new version of the site was posted.

The Reddit page for the “social media” section on the site now reads, “Here’s everything you need to know about our site.

Also, if you like the site, we’d love to hear from you.”

Reddit has faced scrutiny over the past few months for posting fake news on a variety of topics, including immigration, climate change, gun control, and the recent Las Vegas mass shooting.

In a letter sent to the site last month that was widely circulated online, Reddit’s general manager and founder Steve Huffman apologized for the content and said the site is “working to fix this.”

The site has also faced criticism over a recent AMA on its site with moderators asking users to share “the news that is actually happening on the internet.”

In a tweet Monday, Huffman wrote that the AMA “wasn’t a PR stunt, but an opportunity to engage in meaningful discussion and ask important questions about the state of the internet.

We’d love you to read the rest of the AMA, but I’d like to emphasize that this was NOT a PR strategy.

It was a chance to have honest conversations with the community.”

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