When is a phone call an accident? The real reasons why people make calls

Posted March 18, 2018 18:08:04 When does a call become an accident or an accident causing a call?

In Australia, a phonecall is an accident caused by a person who makes a mistake or is otherwise unable to do their job properly.

This is because a phone can become a liability in many circumstances.

In these circumstances, you will usually have to decide between calling the emergency service and making the call yourself.

Callers can get the caller to correct their mistakes by telling them what they have done wrong and why.

What you should be aware of When you make a call, you are putting your life in danger.

There are a number of situations where making a call is a risk and the following is what you should know about them.


A car is on fire When you call the fire service, you can risk your life by putting yourself in a position where you can end up in the path of a car, even if you have the safety equipment on you.

If the fire is on the other side of the road, there is a greater risk of you being hurt or killed.


Someone is injured When you contact the fire brigade, you should always tell them that you are calling the fire department and you have received a call from the police.

You will then get the ambulance or police, who will take you to the scene.


Someone else is on holiday The person making the emergency call is in a different place from you, which means they may be on holiday.


You have received multiple calls The number of calls you have made in a day can also be dangerous.

To prevent someone else making a false emergency call, if the number is close to your number, you need to make sure you can call from that number.


You are being followed by a dog or person who is in the same situation as you When you are being watched by a police dog or a person with a dog, this is called a “sneak” call.

They may also be following you to make a false alarm.


A dog or other person is in an unattended vehicle While a police or emergency service dog is on duty, they will also be monitoring the road.

When a police car is followed by another vehicle, this can also cause you to be involved in a collision.


Someone has lost control of their vehicle You may also have to call for assistance if you lose control of your vehicle or are injured.


Someone may be in danger of an accident The person who made the call may be injured.

The first thing you need is to tell the person to get out of the vehicle and to get on the ground.

The police and fire brigade will then escort them to the nearest hospital.


You cannot call the emergency services from a mobile phone In some circumstances, people cannot use their mobile phone to make phone calls.


You may not be able to answer a phone when the call is being made The call may end up being a false call.

If you cannot answer the call, call 999.


You must keep your conversation to a minimum You should not talk to anyone unless you are ready to answer the phone.


You can only call from a specific area You can’t make a phone-only call to an area where there is not enough capacity.


You should use a phone in the car to answer phone calls If you are driving, you must always check the radio and the phone box to make certain you have all the numbers you need.


You will not be charged for your call If you do not answer the emergency line, the person who called the fire services will have to pay.


You need to know the rules of the area in which you are making the phone call If a person makes a call and you are in a particular area, you may be required to stay in that area.


You could be injured If a phone or mobile phone call is made at a particular location, there may be a risk that it could cause injury.


You might not be in the area when the emergency is called If the call comes from outside your area, there might be a chance it could be stopped by police, and you could be charged.


You do not have to answer any questions if you are not on duty You do have to comply with any questions you have about the emergency.


You only have to make one call a day You can make two phone calls a day, but you will only be able go to one emergency service location at a time.


You don’t need to answer questions if they are not relevant If you ask questions you can ask the person the following questions: What happened in the past few days?

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