Which girls are the best social media influencers in 2018?

More than 100,000 girls from around the world will be sharing their social media presence in the 2018 season, but one thing is certain: They’re all looking to boost their profile in a big way.

The best social influencers are all getting more exposure and exposure means more followers.

Here’s what they’re up to. 1.

Ella Marie (KLTV) Ella is one of the biggest Instagram influencers around, and has gained a huge following on Instagram since launching in 2015.

The young singer is the latest in a long line of girls to make the jump to the platform.

Her #InstaChallenge is a challenge to be on Instagram in order to get the word out about her upcoming album, which is due out in the fall.

Ellas Instagram account has more than 2.4 million followers and she’s currently uploading videos from her new music video and the video for her song “I Feel Like A Woman.”


Kailyn Lowry (Vibe) Kailyne Lowry has been making waves on Instagram for a while now, and it seems she’s on the rise in 2018.

The actress was the subject of an Instagram poll this summer, and her #InstabillyChallenge, which asks girls to upload photos of themselves from the comfort of their own homes, has racked up more than 10 million views.

Lowry also recently released her first single, “My Body,” which she’s released through her label Vibe.


Jamiroquai (VIBE) Jamirodre, a young girl from Canada, has been a big social media star in 2018, and she’ll be the focus of the latest instagram challenge in 2018 for girls to share their Instagram stories in the future.

The 21-year-old posted a photo of herself in a bikini to Instagram in February, which she captioned, “It’s so hot outside today.”

The image went viral, and was used by the CBC to broadcast a special on the teen beauty queen.


Lily Allen (Vogue) Lily Allen is one Instagram influencer with an international following.

She’s the creator of the #InstagramChallenge that asks Instagram influents to share photos and videos from their personal lives and careers.

In addition to the “My body” and #MyBodyChallenge challenges, Allen has also shared pictures of herself with her boyfriend, Drake, and is currently posting about her relationship with her dad, who she met at a charity event.


Zara Larsson (L) Larsson, who is currently starring in a movie called “The Woman in the Window,” is a popular Instagram influent, and the actress shared a selfie on January 27 in which she is seen smiling and smiling with a baby.

The selfie was captioned with, “A lot of women like to be seen doing it.

I love doing it!”


Olivia Munn (GQ) Olivia Munnan is one the biggest and most famous Instagram influenses, and in 2018 she will be the star of a new movie, “The Shape of Water,” that she co-wrote with James Ponsoldt, the author of the best-selling book, “Beachbody.”

The movie was directed by Matt Reeves and stars Kristen Stewart, Rooney Mara, and Anna Kendrick.


Jaden Smith (HBO) The rapper and actor has been one of Instagram’s biggest social media stars in recent years.

In August, he took to Instagram to share his favorite moments in his life and his love of photography.

The star shared a photo with his wife and his daughter, and captioned it, “I love the camera.

I have the best camera.

When I’m on set, I look out the window.”


Ariana Grande (TNT) The pop star is the star behind the #ImNotHere challenge, which aims to encourage Instagram influenews to share Instagram photos from their homes and personal lives to inspire others to follow them.

The challenge has been shared more than 5.3 million times, and with more than 40,000 followers on Instagram, it’s becoming a hot topic on the site.


Katy Perry (ABC) Katy Perry has been in the spotlight for a long time, and 2018 marks her eighth season on the air, and 2017 saw her reach the number one spot on Twitter.

But the singer’s social media reach is even greater now that she’s the lead singer of the pop group, Girls.

In 2018, Perry posted a picture of herself and her wife, Toni Braxton, which was captioning it, “#IWANTTOBE#KATYPER” The image has been used by ABC’s “World News Tonight” and other media outlets, and Perry has become a global phenomenon, earning her a Grammy nomination.


Kaley Cuoco (CBS) Cuoco, who has made headlines since 2015 for her

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